CA Mattress Recycling Fee

CA Mattress Recycling Fee

Your Price: $10.50

By law, we are required to charge a recycling fee per mattress or foundation piece sold at our store.
All retailers in California must abide by this law.

A recycling fee of $10.50 is required PER piece, regardless of the size.
This item is non-taxable and only applies to mattresses, box spring, or foundations purchased in California.

Add to cart the quantity of this item based on how many total pieces you are buying. For example:

    - If you are just buying the top mattress or an individual foundation, then the quantity is 1.
    - If you are buying a set of mattress with foundation, then the quantity is 2 per set.
    - If you are buying either King size with foundation, then the quantity is 3 per set. (2 foundations needed)

The total Quantity must reflect the total number of pieces of mattresses and/or foundations in your order.

Any order with the incorrect Quantity of recycling fee will be contacted to add this item until it matches the number of pieces purchased.
Delivery of goods will be placed on Hold until that payment is completed.

For more information, please visit ByeByeMattress or the MattressRecyclingCouncil


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